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The dream of a powerful nation on the wheel

On August 30, 2017, by the people's government nanhai Dali town, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province human resources and social security bureau, nanhai district economy and science and te
On August 30, 2017, by the people's government nanhai Dali town, nanhai district, foshan city, guangdong province human resources and social security bureau, nanhai district economy and science and technology promotion board (technology), hosted the "2017 big drain innovation entrepreneurship contest" in foshan television began showdown. South China university of technology school of mechanical and automotive engineering professor team to deliver active branches, with the "line of the first generation of gear machining special development and application of numerical control milling machine" project, won the silver award.
This honor is an affirmation of professor Chen yanzhi's work on line gear research for many years, and gave a stronger impetus to the dream of "China's invention of the line gear first in China's industrialization".
Talking about a line gear, professor Chen yangzhi seems to be talking about a familiar old friend. "Mechanical science and technology are the origins of modern industrial civilization. The research and application of gears is a typical example. Modern theory of gear design made from 1525, Albrecht Derer epicycloid tooth started to develop, until the end of the 19th century British invention and application of generating gear cutting method and machine tool, really began to industrialized mass production and application of the gear, gear technology is still in progress, so far it is accompanied by the whole human society industrialization."
The development of modern science and technology with heavy demand change and progress of human society progress, its characteristic is facing heavy (type), large (type), micro-nano, special (kind of) machinery direction, the connotation of the mechanical functions from alternative primary tool of human labor, to realize the function of the human cannot reach, including god, burrow, into the sea, to the application of human being itself, for example, medical minimally invasive surgery robot, rehabilitation robots, and so on. The development of many new machines is no longer the traditional power machine to deliver high power and high speed in pursuit of the target, but to the aim of micro (refinement), refinement (accuracy), and special. The progress of modern or postmodern human social life requires that the field of mechanical engineering constantly produce original innovation results. Face after the technology development trend of modern times, China's investment in science and technology should be more support and support those who truly proactive basic research, should attach great importance to the innovation of different levels, to encourage and support is expected to generate source innovation of original innovation work. Because the results of the original innovation will promote the true leapfrog development of science and technology, it will bring profound and long-term effects on human society. The same is true for mechanical engineering and technology research, even in the field of gear technology that has been studied for hundreds of years.
Active branches of professor team invented and studied the Line Gear (Line Gear, LG), early called Space Curve mesh Wheel (Space Curve Meshing Wheel, SCMW), it is different from traditional Gear surface Meshing principle, but based on active branches of spatial Meshing principle of conjugate Curve, completely independent design theory and technology of manufacturing system is established. The study, which began in 2003, has been a difficult and arduous process. This creative work and process requires not only wisdom and competence, but also meditation and patience. Innovation is difficult, original innovation is difficult, if it is to do original innovation work without the condition, it is more difficult than the day! Looking back at the period of initial zero funding research, Chen Yang zhi was extremely emotional!