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Jiangsu Shangchi group is located in jiangsu liyang tianmu lake industrial park xiyuan road no.6. Formerly known as liyang gear factory, the group was founded in the 1950s and has a history of more
Jiangsu shangchi group is located in jiangsu liyang tianmu lake industrial park xiyuan road no.6. Formerly known as liyang gear factory, the group was founded in the 1950s and has a history of more than 60 years. Along with our country reform and open policy flood tide, the company vigorously carry forward the unity, truth-seeking, struggle to racing spirit of enterprise, to achieve leapfrog development, after years of efforts, has become at home and abroad have a certain visibility and competitiveness in production of mining machinery, port crane, transport machinery and other industrial reducer and car truck, with emphasis on the spiral bevel gear and spur gear, specialized production enterprise. Now the company covers an area of 20 hectares, total assets of 450 million yuan, net assets of 450 million yuan, fixed assets of 273 million yuan, now has annual production 800000 sets of spiral cone gear, bevel gear, 200000, 1200 sets of reducer
Company through continuous technical innovation and equipment modification, strong, well-equipped, gear cutting equipment and rolling test lapping equipment more than 160, gleason company production equipment more than 80% for the United States. We also have the 3525 gear measuring center of orin C50, the us gleason 800HG phoenix grinding machine and M&M precision systems, which represents the advanced level of international gear industry. The use of these high quality equipment ensures that the product is stable and leading.
At the same time, the company has by changzhou enterprise technology centers recognized by the economic and trade commission, has advanced scientific research and experimental facilities, intelligent detection system, invites domestic and foreign many famous experts as a consultant, and work closely with relevant national colleges and universities and research institutions, has developed more than 100 kinds of products, the development of these products to satisfy the various needs of users, enhance the competitiveness of the group's products. Group development of isuzu spiral bevel gear was identified as high-tech products in jiangsu province, Li on car and truck spiral bevel gear was rated as brand-name products in jiangsu province, "Li" trademark was named well-known trademarks in changzhou. The company focuses on product quality and integrity management, always adhere to the quality policy of "people-oriented, quality effective, sincere letter, customer first". Successively passed ISO9002, ISO9001:9002, ISO/ts16949:2002 quality management system certification.
In recent years, the company has positioned the product target market according to the market development trend, expanded the new users based on the old users, and paid attention to the development of foreign markets. At present, the sales market including chongqing isuzu, jianghuai axle, axle of jiangxi jiangling, nk, dongfeng liu steam, Fang Cheng axle and other supporting domestic enterprises, and the United States, Italy, Turkey, Germany and other international markets. Company in the light truck with the drive gear industry in a leading position, the market share of about 15%, pickup trucks and suvs drive gear industry's market share is about 10%, medium-duty truck drive gear market share of about 2 %.
Group attaches great importance to the technical quality of cooperation with customer, has a perfect sales and service network all over the country, and give full play to the advantages of the self-management import and export, and actively explore the international market, to adapt to the vehicle parts procurement of globalization trend, for the product at home and abroad with first-class competitiveness on the market and make unremitting efforts